A NOTE:  This page is for non exalted players.  It is presented with the information as the main cast understand it.  As such it may not be correct as far as the game is concerned.


The Chosen of The Unconquered Sun, Lord of Heaven and Avatar of Perfection.  The Solars were once the Lords of Creation as their patron as Lord of Heaven.  They were overthrown by the Dragonblooded and are now hunted as demons.  There were 300 Solars in the First Age, 60 in each Caste, but after they began to re-emerge in the modern age many appeared to be missing.  When a Solar dies their Exaltation (in common with all Exalts save for Dragonblooded) finds a new host, often taking trace memories with them.  Their favoured magic material is Oricalcum, gold distilled by either pure sunlight or raw magma Oricalcum has a touch of the perfection of The Unconquered Sun, making the best all round weapons and armour.


The Warrior Kings of the Unconquered Sun, Dawn Castes are the manifestation of The Unconquered Sun's ability to drive back the darkness.  Their anima makes them appear massive and fearsome, making all but the braves cower in terror.  Their Caste abilities are all focused on offensive combat.


The Priest Kings of the Unconquered Sun, Zenith Castes are the manifestation of The Unconquered Sun's ability to purge darkness from the world.  Their anima makes Creatures of Darkness (entities that have been declared enemies of Creation) far more vulnerable to attack.  Their abilities make them resilient, able to survive in the wilderness and to persuade others and resist persuasion.


The Sorcerer Kings of the Unconquered Sun, Twlight Castes are the manifestation of The Unconquered Sun's ability to reveal secrets. Their anima makes them harder to injure.  Their abilities are focused on academic learning and the ability to apply that learning, via crafting, investigation or medicine.


The Hidden Suns are the reminder to all that even though the Sun may go down at night it will rise again in the morning and nothing can ever be permanently hidden from it.  The Night caste's anima allows them to better go unnoticed and unrecognised and their caste abilities are focused around stealth and agility.


The Great Diplomats of The Unconqured Sun, the Eclipse caste are the manipulators and bureaucrats.  Their Anima lets them bind oaths that will be protected and enforced by heaven itself and allow them to enter heaven and the realms of Hell and The Wyld unmolested.  Their abilities are varied but all directly assist in this role, save for sail which they also have.


Lunars are the servants of Luna, the many faced goddess of change and intrigue.  Luna is quite literally an amalgamation of every last possible moon goddess that could possibly exist.  There are 300 Lunars divided between 3 castes, although not equally, each Lunar is made into the caste that best fits them.  They have the ability to shape shift and one animal form is known as their Spirit Shape and is as true a form of theirs as their human form.  Their Spirit Shape is a reflection of their inner nature, but this can be interpreted flexibly.  A wolf may be a savage all out attacker, the leader of large well oiled group, or a wise loner.  Their favoured magical material is Moonsilver, a mutable, shifting material that can shift along with its owners.

Full Moon:

The warriors of the Lunars, who focus on physical prowess above all else.

Changing Moon:

The diplomats and socialites of the Lunars, who's abilities are focused on social interaction.

No Moon:

The lorekeepers and sorcerers of the Lunars, who focus on mental prowess.


Little is known of these entities, save that they seem to mirror the Solars and serve the dark lords of the underworld.


Known to the protagonists only though a single obscure reference to "The Secret, Hidden and Sage exalted servants of the stars."


The only kind of exalt to be able to pass on their powers (in full at least), the Dragonblooded are relatively weak, although still tiers ahead of normal humans and a serious threat to weaker gods.  The two largest colonies are The Scarlet Dynasty, rulers of The Realm under the recently disappeared Scarlet Empress, at about 5,000 and Lookshy, smaller at about 1,000 but possessing more of the lost First Age technology.  An uneasy peace exists between the two as neither side would be sure of victory and the victor would suffer losses so severe as to cripple them, possibly permanently.  There are also somewhere in the region of 1,000 other Dragonblooded refered to as Outcastes who belong to neither group.  There are five Aspects of Dragonblooded, each tied to one of creation's five elements.  The magic material they react best to is Jade, which comes in five colours (one for each element) each of which is subtlety different.  Dragonblooded anima is unique in that it is destructive, as it mounts it damages the area around them.  They have many abilities that can be used in concert or over groups, meaning that while they are relatively weak, they can become very powerful in large groups.


The Chosen of Mela, dragon of air, air aspects are gifted with the powers of the element of air.  They are often shifting and drifting, high thinking but fickle.  Their anima grants them all but the ability to fly.  Their Aspect abilities are Linguistics, Lore, Occult, Stealth and Thrown.  The Jade most closely tied to them is Blue like the sky.


The Chosen of Pasiap, dragon of earth, earth aspects are gifted with the powers of the element of earth.  They are often stubborn and truculent, immovable and determined.  Their anima grants them great resistance and immovability.  Their Aspect abilities are Awareness, Craft, Integrity, Resistance and War.  The Jade most closely tied to them is White, like the hardest stone.


The Chosen of Hesiesh, dragon of fire, fire aspects are gifted with the powers of the element of fire.  They are often passionate and aggressive, driven and possessing explosive tempers.  Their anima grants them to burst into flames.  Their Aspect abilities are Athletics, Dodge, Melee, Presence and Socialize.  The Jade most closely tied to them is Red, like fire.


The Chosen of Daana'd, dragon of water, water aspects are gifted with the powers of the element of water.  They are often shifting and mercurial, changing and manipulative.  Their anima grants them total mobility in water.  Their Aspect abilities are Bureaucracy, Investigation, Larceny, Martial Arts and Sail.  The Jade most closely tied to them is Black, like the ocean depths.


The Chosen of Sextes Jylis, dragon of wood, wood aspects are gifted with the powers of the element of earth.  They are often outgoing, seemingly more alive than others.  Their anima grants them immunity to poison and the ability to secrete it, as well as resistance to wooden weapons.  Their Aspect abilities are Medicine, Ride, Survival, Archery and Performance.  The Jade most closely tied to them is Green, like the plants of the wild.