Crew of the Golden Swan

Hidden Golden PearlName: Pearl

Full name: Hidden Golden Pearl

Born: Coral

Caste: Dawn

Favourite food: Shanuka (Salmon wrapped in edable seaweed and fried.)

Favourite drink: Grog (Rum diluted with seawater)

Favourite weapon: Wavetooth (Blue jade Wavecutter Daiklave)

Favorite weather: Just a little bit stormy

Favorite sea shanty: The Other Immaculate's Daughter.

Caste abilites: Archery, Martial arts, Melee, Thrown, War.

Favoured abilites: Acrobatics, Craft (Wood), Dodge, Perform, Sail.

History: Born in coral, Pearl was never exactly cut out for a life of domestic servitude.  She disguised herself as a boy to run away to sea to avoid her impending marriage.  She was noticed by a crew of Tya (who had experience with similar runaways and knew what to look for) and was taken in by them.  She rose through the ranks quickly.  Several years ago her ship was attacked by a underworld slave raider and suffered heavy casualties.  She exalted while fighting the ship's spectral captain.  After the battle Pearl, along with the few surviving Tya, abandoned their sinking ship and, with the freed slaves, sailed the captured ship towards port.  Most of the slaves left, but she was able to rally a new crew and, given the unusual circumstances, was allowed to operate in this way by the Tya.

TagaruName: Tagaru

Full name: Tagaru

Born: Talamar

Caste: Zenith

Favourite Food: Spiced bread

Favourite Drink: Salt water spirits

Favourite Weapon: Bare fists

Favourite Specific Drink: Sea Apricot and ginger brandy

Favourite Time of Day: The few hours after dawn.

Caste Abilites: Integrity, Performance, Presence, Resistance, Survival.

Favoured Abilites: Craft (Water and Fire), Linguistics, Martial arts, Medicine, Occult,

History: Found abandoned by a member of The Brothers of the Flowing Cask, an order of alchemists and brewers who travel the west selling both medicine and intoxicating spirits, Tagaru was adopted by the Order and was raised surrounded by the sounds and smells of brewing and became both a skilled healer, talented alchemist as well as a competent martial artist.  During a trade run to Wavecrest his ship was caught in a storm and he was washed overboard.  He lashed himself to a Hogshead of Saltwater Schnaps that had also been washed overboard.  For nine days and nights he fought to stay alive and, at the highest point of the sun's path on the tenth day, The Unconquered Sun visited Tagaru, anointing him as one of his chosen.  Since then Tagaru's main struggle has been with the two sides of his nature, a healer and philosopher on the one hand and a holy warrior on the other.

Name: Turquoise

Full name: Turquoise Lilly

Born: City of the Steel Lotus

Caste: Water

Favourite Food: Steamed rice

Favourite Drink: Diluted melon water

Favourite Weapon: Crosscurrent (Black jade Dire Lance)

Favourite Flower: Seafoam lilies

Favourite Fruit: Watermelon

Aspect Abilites: Bureaucracy, Investigation, Larceny, Martial Arts, Sail

Favoured Abilites: Acrobatics, Dodge, Investigation

History: Exiled from the City of the Steel Lotus with his parents aged 4, Turquoise Lilly exalted shortly after his parents had died of fever.  Several years later he joined up with Pearl's crew and eventually became her first mate.

Name: Aluran

Full name: Aluran Morharo

Born: Gem

Job: Quartermaster and joint second mate

Favourite Food: Anything spicy

Favourite Drink: Tequastra (very strong southern spirit)

Favourite Weapon: Haggling

Favourite Game: Five dragon gambit

Favourite Currency: Guild backed silver

Favoured Ability: Bureaucracy

History: Originally a clerk from Gem Aluran was with a trade caravan that was all but wiped out near The Lap.  Without any way of getting back home he sold the few assets he was able to recover from the caravan and set about finding someone in need to a financially minded clerk.  It was not long before Pearl arrived in The Lap and took him on.

Name: Two Mirrors

Full name: Two Mirrors

Born: Sidurmar

Job: Cartographer and joint second mate

Favourite Food: Honeyed figs

Favourite Drink: Green tea

Favourite Weapon: None

Favourite astrological chart: Expanded Orthodox

Favourite constellation: The Treasure Trove

Favoured Ability: Lore

History: Born in the astrologically ordered and highly superstitious far western city state of Sidurmar his birth horoscope marked him as an academic and a traveller.  He was trained in cartography and expected to become a member of the island's fleet when an accident in a shipyard left him with a twisted leg.  He remained at home for most of his life only to join Pearl's crew when she came to Sidurmar with the body of his younger brother.

Name: Rising Waves

Full name: Rising Waves

Born: Coral

Job: Bosun (3rd mate)

Favourite Food: Thick fish stew

Favourite Drink: Anything likely to make him drunk

Favourite Weapon: Boarding axe

Favourite Watch: Midnight

Favourite Wind: A stiff salty wind out to sea

Favoured Ability: Sail

History: A fairly normal Coral man, Rising Waves was sailing with his father from a young age.  He eventually became a senior sailor on a small trade vessel which was attacked by an underworld slave raider, the same ship that was attacked by Pearl's Tya crew and later, after much carpentry, became The Golden Swan. He was of the few captives to remain aboard under Pearl.

Allies of the Golden Swan

Name: Unknown

Full name: Unknown

Born: Unknown, probably not.

Job: God of an unknown kind

Favourite Food: Unknown

Favourite Drink: Unknown

History: Unknown

Name: One who drowned the horde

Full name: One who drowned the horde

Born: Western ocean village

Caste: Full Moon

Favourite Food: Shark

Favourite Drink: None

Favourite Weapon: Natural weapons or harpoon

Favourite Strategy: Ambush from below

Favourite Prey: Wyld Mutations

Caste atributes: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina

Favoured atribute: Witts

Favoured abilites: Survival, Thrown

History: Born in a seafloor village deep in the western ocean Ashulka Marial was more or less like any other seafolk child.  However when he was swept away by a wyld tide he spent several weeks fighting off mutated sealife.  He exalted as a Lunar and vowed to protect creation's oceans from the wyld.  He was found by the silver pact and trained under Lunar elder Master Crane.  It was on one of his first missions for his elder that he earned his new name, when he collapsed an ice shelf under a horde of some 60 wyld tained barbarians.  Horde maintains close links to his home tribe and many young seafolk warriors have agreed to fight for him.  As of yet he has yet to take part in the Silver streams, but it is expected that his status as a capable and dedicated warrior will allow him to do so amoung his people more easily that most young Lunars, although ensuring they can function without him may prove more of a challenge.

Enemies of the Golden Swan

Name: Kargatu

Full name: Kargatu Vorashar

Born: Bluehaven

Race: Lintha

Aspect: Wood

Favourite Food: Live eels

Favourite Drink: Greenleaf wine

Favourite Weapon: Bow

Favourite Poison: His own, otherwise ochre seaslug distilate

Favourite Target: Ships with significant passangers.

Aspect Abilities: Medicine, Ride, Survival, Archery, Performance

Favoured Abilites: Sail, Occult, Craft (wood)

History: Born to a low ranking Lintha family, Kargatu's status rose significantly upon his exaltation, but it was his millitary cunning that alowed him to become somewhat influential.  After having to fight for everyhting he has, he is not a man to take loosing well.

Name: Kulgu

Full name: Peleps Timteri Kulgu

Born: The Realm

Caste: Air

Favourite Food: Marilan (Soft spiced meringue)

Favourite Drink: Warak herb tea

Favourite Weapon: Reputation

Favourite Spell: Call the Stawart Servator

Favourite Hobby: Abstract wood carving.

Aspect Abilites: Linguistics, Lore, Occult, Stealth, Thrown

Favoured Abilites: Beurocracy, Dodge, Investigation

Name: Marshaki

Full name: Pelleps Marshaki

Born: The Realm

Caste: Water

Favourite Food: Smoked fish

Favourite Drink: Fortified wines.

Favourite Weapon: Sea dragon's bite (Black jade wavecutter)

Favourite Historical Battle: The Battle of Five Armies

Favourite Relative: Deliberator Kuluvu

Aspect Abilites: Bureaucracy, Investigation, Larceny, Martial Arts, Sail

Favoured Abilites: Dodge, Melee, War